My Passion

If you’re like me, you’ve been searching tirelessly for years to discover your passion.  Perhaps you have:

  1. Paid good money for classes designed to point you in a career direction
  2. Read “What Color is Your Parachute”
  3. Been bewildered by the results of the ASVAB
  4. Quit your jobs and moved thousands of miles away from home in hopes that flailing aimlessly would give you some clarity
  5. Taken helicopter flight lessons…because how cool would it be to fly a helicopter for a living in non-combat situations?

…I may have done all of those…

Sadly, none of those things illuminated my passion.  Instead, over a period of ten years, my creativity, curiosity, tasting, and localtarian tendencies led me to my passion: the investigating, promoting, and savoring of craft beers and micro brews!  (My mother must be so proud!)

A great deal of encouragement from friends, family, and professionals has lead me to explore and share my passion through this blog.  I’ve set up some categories within the blog to better organize my enthusiasm.  Those categories are: Beer Events; Beer Reviews; Home Brewing; Laws & Other Annoyances; Literature & Film About Beer.

To the beer geeks and snobs: this won’t be super technical but I think you will still appreciate what I’m doing.  In addition, teach me!

To the domestic beer drinkers: I hope this encourages you to expand your palate and support your local brewers.

To the people who gag at the thought of drinking beer: I firmly believe there is a beer for everyone.  If you take the time to understand the complexity and range of tastes and aromas and you will find your perfect brew.




8 comments on “My Passion

  1. Ed Allen says:

    Great start! I wish you continued success. You know I’m one of your biggest and most sincere fans, Mell!

  2. Heather says:

    Totally agree there is a beer for everyone. I never liked beer, and then I was introduced to Red Hook Long Hammer IPA and my world changed 🙂 And I love that you know your passion, it is nice to have something to work towards and knowing what you love helps.

  3. Auntie says:

    Auntie would love to lets say test the brew with ya

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