Penobscot Bay Brewery’s Wildfire Rauchbier

Hey pals ‘n’ gals!  I just finished uploading my first beer review on Youtube.  Check it out!


2 comments on “Penobscot Bay Brewery’s Wildfire Rauchbier

  1. Cassandra Roy says:

    Let me start with, you look lovely! Love the Jamms.. 🙂

    You never mention in the video what the beer is..

    I have some suggestions that I would love to discuss with you.. and volunteer to be your camera man for your next video! 🙂 xo

    • 1) Yes…I’ll bet the PJs look familiar…

      2) I know! A few people caught that I didn’t mention the beer…big whooooops! First time…first video. Cut me some slack, Jack!

      3) Love suggestions and would love a camera person! Talk with ya soon 🙂

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