September: The End of Summer, The Beginning of BEERFESTS!

First up:

Oktoberfest presented by Southern Midcoast Maine Chamber

When: September 21st, 12pm – 5pm.

Where: Knights of Columbus, 2 Columbus Drive, Brunswick, ME

Cost: $45 in advance or $50 at the door. Buy in advance here

About: First annual event. On the Facebook write up: “Come join us for authentic music provided by the Oberlaendler Hofbrau Band, food by Richard’s German Restaurant, keg throwing and stein hoisting competitions and beer by Samuel Adams Octoberfest, festivities and fun!”


Technical Difficulties

You may have been wondering why I stopped posting to the blog in December. I can tell you it is not from lack of passion. I have been researching, interviewing, and taste-testing like a mad woman. If you still doubt my passion, read this story. Would you have given up or turned back?


A friend of mine thought I should meet Chuck, a homebrewer of 25 years. After a few email exchanges, Chuck and I scheduled a late morning visit at his home and brewing area one Saturday in early December. I was to be there at 11 a.m.

Now, if you know me, you know I’m not exactly punctual. So I tried my best to get out the door with enough time to travel. In my haste I locked myself out of the apartment without my keys. Seriously?!? My set of spare keys was about 12 miles away and jumping though second story apartment windows wasn’t really an option. In that moment, all I could do was laugh. I was going to be late after all.

Good fortune greeted me with a memory of the extendable ladder left behind by the property owner. This would be quicker than calling my mother in from out of town. After I determined which windows were mine, I then chose the window that would be the easiest to crawl through, was unlocked, and had the most disposable screen. I thanked my lucky stars for arranging this challenge at a time when no neighbors were home and prayed that the extendable ladder wouldn’t pull a Chevy Chase on me:

Click on the photo for animation. Click your browser back button to come back to the blog.

Click on the photo for animation. Click your browser back button to come back to the blog.

Luckily, the ladder did not collapse. When I reached the window, I cut the screen with a pen, lifted the window open, pushed my curious cat, Hope, inside, and crawled through in a manner similar to Playdoh, but with souvenir bruises.


I found my keys in the bathroom. What the hell were they doing there?

I got in the car and started driving to Chuck’s. On the way, I called him to tell him I was running late. But it went to voice mail. Why didn’t he answer? I started freaking out thinking I confused the meeting time or day. Had I seriously just broken into my apartment for no reason? But something in me decided to press on confidently.

When I drove into town, my cell rang. It was Chuck. He forgot his cell at the airport and hadn’t gotten my message. (Yes, this dude has a pilot’s license.) While apologizing for my tardiness, I explained the reason for it as well. It felt like telling a new teacher that a dog ate my homework. Luckily, Chuck didn’t seem miffed in the least. Before we hung up I told him I’d be there in about two minutes.

Pulling into the driveway my confidence collapsed as it appeared I had made a serious mistake: I was at a funeral home. I thought, “This can’t be it. But this is the address he gave me.” I decided to knock on the door because I figured I’d met my quota for technical difficulties that day. But maybe not. Maybe I shouldn’t have left the house that day.

A man greeted me. “Chuck?”

My Passion

If you’re like me, you’ve been searching tirelessly for years to discover your passion.  Perhaps you have:

  1. Paid good money for classes designed to point you in a career direction
  2. Read “What Color is Your Parachute”
  3. Been bewildered by the results of the ASVAB
  4. Quit your jobs and moved thousands of miles away from home in hopes that flailing aimlessly would give you some clarity
  5. Taken helicopter flight lessons…because how cool would it be to fly a helicopter for a living in non-combat situations?

…I may have done all of those…

Sadly, none of those things illuminated my passion.  Instead, over a period of ten years, my creativity, curiosity, tasting, and localtarian tendencies led me to my passion: the investigating, promoting, and savoring of craft beers and micro brews!  (My mother must be so proud!)

A great deal of encouragement from friends, family, and professionals has lead me to explore and share my passion through this blog.  I’ve set up some categories within the blog to better organize my enthusiasm.  Those categories are: Beer Events; Beer Reviews; Home Brewing; Laws & Other Annoyances; Literature & Film About Beer.

To the beer geeks and snobs: this won’t be super technical but I think you will still appreciate what I’m doing.  In addition, teach me!

To the domestic beer drinkers: I hope this encourages you to expand your palate and support your local brewers.

To the people who gag at the thought of drinking beer: I firmly believe there is a beer for everyone.  If you take the time to understand the complexity and range of tastes and aromas and you will find your perfect brew.